Are Siamese Cats Good with Dogs?

The Siamese cat is among the first distinctly known breeds of Asian cats. They originated from Thailand, and their name came from Thailand’s former name Siam.

Siamese Cat Facts

In the 19th century, the original Siamese cat became very popular in North America and Europe. The carefully refined modern-style Siamese with more extreme features is defined by blue almond-shaped eyes, large ears, and a triangular head shape.

Additionally, this breed has a slender, elongated, and muscular body.

Siamese cats are often born white, and they develop their markings several weeks after birth. Because the womb of their mother is warm, it blocks their color genes from reaching the fur.

Once they are born, they’ll start living in a cold environment. As a result, they will start developing pigment around their paws, tails, and faces.

Siamese cats are fun pets that have dog-like characteristics. Therefore, this makes them compatible and consistent with most dog breeds.

Be sure to check the dog’s temper and the cat’s nature before you decide to let them play together. You can do this by keeping a close observation for the first few days.

Then introduce them to each other to help form a good relationship between the two. Because the Siamese cat breed has an amazing personality, it can form a loving relationship with your dogs.

Dog breeds that can get along with Siamese cats

With that being said, let’s take a close look at some of the dog breeds that can get along with your Siamese cat.

Golden Retriever

This medium-large gun dog was originally bred to retrieve shot waterfowl during shooting parties and hunting. It’s now among the best household pets.

Golden retrievers are friendly and social. They are also easy to train to advanced obedience standards. This makes it excellent with cats as they do not display aggressiveness if treated well.


This dog breed has a short-muzzled face and a curled tail feature. There is more to this dog family than what meets the eye. This breed is sociable and gentle.

You can never go wrong when it comes to providing your Siamese cat breed with a company. Pugs are very sensitive to their habitat.

They will only show acts of aggression if they feel threatened. Their timid and quiet nature makes it a great compliment to a Siamese cat breed.


Originally developed to hunt hare, this dog breed is well suited to residency in either country or suburban environments.

The dog breed gets along well with cats, dogs, and people.

They are social and interactive. They have a big size, but this does not mean that they will cause harm to your cat, as they are soft and playful.


These are intelligent and friendly dog breeds that are always alert. Their energy almost matches with a Siamese cat since this cat breed loves to play around.

The Boxer can easily get along with cats and other dog breeds.

Cocker Spaniel

The cocker spaniel is gentle and easygoing. They are very affectionate and rarely aggressive. They are cheerful and energetic.

They tend to like interacting with both animals and friendly humans. They can make a great companion with a Siamese.

The high intellectual ability of the Siamese cat breed enables it to detect danger. Essentially, this helps them recognize whether the other pets are peaceful or pose a danger to them.

They can tell whether you are still their loyal servant and care for them.

If you shift your attention to other pets, they won’t like it; this may cause them to get stressed and show aggression to the other pet. The best way is to play with them to allow them to form a good and healthy connection.

Also, they are friendly to any guest who visits you. Imagine how embarrassing it can be when your dog can’t stop barking. This is a sign of protecting its personal space or due to excitement issues. The Siamese cats are very calm and welcoming to visitors who portray good intentions.

They can judge one’s character from the behavior they portray.

What Makes Siamese Cats Special?

Legend has it that Siamese was once given the task of keeping an eye on a golden, royal goblet.

The cat then started starting at the goblet intensity, resulting in their eyes being crossed. They also wrapped their tails around the royal goblet, which led to their tails becoming bent.

You can still find Siamese cats with crooked tails and crossed eyes today; however, this is rare.

Siamese cats are popular worldwide because they are outgoing and loyal.

They are also talkative and will always vocalize their opinions about the food you give them, observations they make when looking at the window, and anything they will encounter.

They also love their family and always want to stay around them. As such, they make excellent family pets.

Why People Love Siamese Cats

People also love Siamese because they are aesthetically appealing; they have a fine, glossy coat and come in four different color variations: lilac point, blue point, chocolate point, and seal point.

Their coat is darker on the face, paws, ears, and tails. But, there is much more to them than their mysterious and eye-catching appearance.

Lots of breeds have also come from the Siamese, such as the Havana Brown, the Tonkinese, the Balinese, and the Oriental.

The Siamese was imported to the UK in 1884 and the U.S. in 1878. Lucy, U.S. President Rutherford Birchard Haye’s wife, was among the earliest owners of the Siamese cat. A U.S. diplomat who was serving in Thailand gave Lucy the cat, and she named it Siam.

The first cat fanciers club dedicated to the Siamese cat was already established in the UK in 1902. By 1906, the breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Siamese cats are ancient breeds that have lived together with humans. For this reason, they love staying around humans.

Hundreds of years ago, Thai royal families treasured Siamese cats due to their unique and beautiful appearances. Members of these royal families also believed that they will enter the Siamese cat when they die.

The cat would then spend the rest of its life living in a temple where monks and priests would pamper them.

Siamese is an intelligent cat that’s easy to train. They can walk on a leash when you take them outside and love playing with humans.

You can even teach them how to play fetch using a light rubber ball.

Siamese Cat Characteristics

The Siamese cat breed is very affectionate and loves it when you cuddle and hold them. They cannot go for over an hour without sitting in your lap.

The Siamese cat has a habit of following the owner everywhere they go since they love attention.

Because the Siamese cat always craves human affection, you should get one only when you have time to spend with them.

They don’t like being alone and could end up feeling lonely. Siamese is a curious animal, which makes it active and hyper.

They will open your draw and cupboards to have a clear picture of every corner of your house.

Do not allow them to roam outside without your supervision. The fact that the Siamese is beautiful and beautiful to look at makes them a target to many cat lovers.

If you have a strict work schedule and want to keep a Siamese as a pet, you don’t have to stress yourself much.

Siamese Cats and Dogs

A Siamese cat breed can get along with several dog breeds. Besides learning from you, they can also learn from your dog.

They do it by observing their character and behavior.

The Siamese cat can also be quite territorial and aggressive. They can easily bond with any playful dog of their choice.

But, they cannot tolerate any other pet that tries to bring attention away from them. To avoid any case of violence between your Siamese cat and your dog, ensure you show both of them affection.

If you have several pets in the house, you can try to play with them as a group. It will help create a faster bond and relationship between them.

If you have other cat breeds in your house, the Siamese cat breeds can also get along with them. They only need to have a matching personality and energy level.

Some of the cat breeds that can get along with the Siamese breed include the Siberian, Abyssinian, Maine Coon, and the Ragdoll.

This is possible since they crave attention and are friendly.

In contrast to other cat breeds, they are comfortable with welcoming strangers. They do this with their distinctive meows.


To sum up, Siamese cats can be very reliable. You can walk them on a leash as you would take a dog on a walk.

That means that you can take them anywhere you want to go without a problem. Also, you can take them outdoors and play games with them together with your dogs.

The bottom line is: that Siamese cats are perfect for a pet because they are loving, intelligent, and loyal. Best of all, you do not have to worry about Siamese getting along with other pets.

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