Aspen Pet Porter – Is It a Good Choice for Your Cat?

In your everyday busy lives, you often get so fed up with the materialistic and robotic way of living that you need a good amount of me time and break sometimes.

There cannot be an any better way of having it than being on a fun journey or visiting your relatives who live far away from you.

But when you have a little kitty friend in your home that you love and adore so much you just cannot leave it behind alone and go on your own.

Most cat owners cannot think of taking their cats with them on a long journey because of the horrifying traveling stories told by others.

But you know traveling with your cat can be so enjoyable and peaceful if you have just the right thing in your hand. In this regard, Petmate is offering you their Aspen Pet Pet Porter to make your and your cat’s travel so more comfortable and peaceful!


About Aspen Pet Pet Porter:

When it comes to travel necessities for your cats, Petmate has a vast range of products to meet your expectations and need.

Aspen Pet Pet Porter is a gold one in this regard. It’s durable, lightweight plastic shell offers style, comfort, and safety all one in.

It has a plastic-based construction made of polypropylene with a plated steel door. It comes with a quick latching system that’s easy to operate for you but prevents sudden escaping of cats.

With a vast range of sizes, the crate covers extra space for your cat’s necessities like treats, water bowl and litter box to let your cat have its normal lifestyle and avoid any panic attacks.

With vents on both sides and wired door, it helps proper oxygen and airflow and has the perfect ventilation system.

Besides, it has an interior floor mat in the bottom to keep away liquids from your cat and keep it dry 24 hours.

Thus, with its perfect ventilation system and eco-friendly construction, the Aspen Pet Pet Porter meets all airline requirements and let you have the most peaceful journey with your loving feline friend.



  • Heavy strength and durable plastic-based construction made of polypropylene.
  • The wired door made of plated steel to prevent sudden escape and promote airflow at the same time.
  • Quality and eco-friendly material for the best health of your cats.
  • Two sided vents to let oxygen and air flow inside the crate.
  • An interior floor mat in the bottom to soak liquids and keep your cats dry 24 hours.
  • Open squeeze latches which are easy to operate.
  • Extra strap holes in all sides to zip tie your cat for additional security.
  • Heavy strength single plastic handles for carrying swiftly.
  • Easy to assemble hardware.
  • 10 different colors to choose from.
  • A vast range of sizes starting from 21 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches for carrying about 15 lbs to 40 inches x 27inches x 30inches for carrying about 70-90lbs.
  • Materials designed and made in the USA.

Available Colors of Aspen Pet Pet Porter:

The beauty of the Petmate Pet Carrier is its external design and a vast range of colors. They offer the exterior with both two tones and one tone in about ten colors that will meet every cat owner’s choice.


The two toned one has a bright color in the top with a shade of black on the bottom.

  • Baby Blue and Dark Gray
  • Dark Blue and Black
  • Lady Pink and Dark Gray
  • Dark Pink and Black
  • Falcon and Black
  • Deep Red and Black

One Toned

  • Falcon
  • Camp
  • Pueblo
  • Mouse Gray

Available Sizes of Aspen Pet Pet Porter:

The best part about the Petmate Pet Carrier is that they give you the opportunity to choose from a vast range of sizes to fit the size of your loving cat and meet airline regulations.

Size Dimensions For Cats
21″ 21 inches x 16 inches x 15 inches Up to 15 lbs
28″ 28 inches x 20.5 inches x 21.5 inches high 15-30 lbs
32″ 32 inches x 22.5 inches x 24 inches high 30-50 lbs
36″ 36 inches x 25 inches x 27 inches high 50-70 lbs
40″ 40 inches x 27 inches x 30 inches high 70-90 lbs


Choosing the right size:

Another good thing about the Petmate Pet Carrier is that it is designed in a way that your cat can travel both lying down and in a standing position.

So just measure your cat from its chest to the end and measure its height from bottom to the top of its ears and choose a carrier a few inches more than the size of the cat.

Warning: do not exceed the weight limitation.



  • Most of the airlines now a day only allow plastic carriers. So it meets that requirement as it has a sturdy and durable plastic construction.
  • A good thing about Petmate Pet Carrier is that, though the body is made of plastic it has a steel door. So the cat cannot open it up and escape.
  • The ventilation system is perfect as it has visible air vents on both sides. Not only that, the door is also wired so your cat won’t feel any suffocation inside. So, the ventilation is pretty good.
  • It has an interior perimeter moat to collect the moisture that will help your cat stay dry.
  • Comes with a vast range of sizes and colors that you can choose from.
  • It has a warranty for manufacturer defects.


  • The plastic it is made from is not very heavy strength. So if you have a way too heavy weighted cat or a wild one it might not be the right one for you.

Final Thoughts:

Well, The Aspen Pet Porter is a good catch as it has an additional security system and a very thoughtful construction with plastic body and steel door.

The material isn’t harmful to the cats and it’s quite eco-friendly. Moreover, it has a perimeter moat inside to receive moisture, which is hardly found in other cat carriers.

So overall, it meets my expectation and is surely worth a try.

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