5 Best Cages for Two Ferrets – Buyer’s Guide

Ferrets are high-spirited creatures that love playing, cuddling, and sleeping together. Since they are burrowers by nature, they require a spacious cage to hollow out and be at ease.

With very inquisitive characteristics, ferrets can become quite destructive when let out of the cage. Likewise, if confined in a small space for a long time, they may develop behavioral issues like biting others or self-harming.

Therefore, when buying a cage, you need to consider getting a shelter that keeps them relaxed, safe and clean.

Walk with us as we guide you on the five safest and comfortable cages that keep your fuzzy friends happy.

1. Ferplast – Tower Cage for Two Ferrets

An average XXL Ferplast cage weighs about 54 Ibs and measures 29.5 in length, 63.4 in height, and 31.5 in width. This two-story cage gives enough room for your two ferrets to play and explore.

Additionally, it comes wholly accessorized with adaptable platforms, a litter pan, water bottle food dish, play tubes, and a pretty hanging hammock for your ferrets to snuggle up.

On each level of the cage, there is a separate door for convenient admission. This makes it easier to empty the six inches deep litter and debris pan. When cleaning the pans, you only need to unlatch the wire on the cage to open.

Compared to other cages, Ferplast has an exceptional latching mechanism. The structure also connects the base pans with the mesh to allow easier cleaning and set up. With four-wheel casters, it is easier to reposition the cages when cleaning.


  • Spacious enough to fit in two chubby ferrets
  • Double story to allow your ferrets more room to play.
  • Effective latching system
  • Separate doors in each story
  • Four wheel casters for effortless moving
  • A free hammock, litter pan, food dish, and water bottle
  • Adjustable platforms
  • An option of curves and straight play tunnels


  • Wire floor covering
  • Complicated assembly


2. Midwest Homes – Deluxe Ferret Cage

This is one of the best cages designed with ferrets in mind. The metallic cage weighs 93 pounds and has a resilient latch mechanism. Additionally, you get free double leak pans and an extra-large playing area.

Midwest Home cages feature three fun feet ramp covers and plastic ramps for your fur friend. The accurate cage measurement is 25 inches in width, 36 inches in length, and 63 inches in height.

Note that a lower storage space measuring 34.75 in length, 22.75 in width, and 9.25 inches in height. With removable shelves and double doors, it is much easier to feed your ferrets and clean up.


  • It can fit three average-sized ferrets
  • It has a fantastic platinum gray color finish
  • A robust metallic cage that lasts for a long time
  • Spacious playing area
  • Free double leak pans, plastic ramps, and feet ramp covers
  • An extra storage space
  • Reliable latching system that ensures the safety of your pets


  • Uncomfortable wire floors


3. Prevue Pet – Deluxe Ferret Cage

This cage is suitably made for any other small-sized pets like lizards, rats, hedgehogs, chinchillas, etc. It is purely made of metal and can last for a very long time. Each cage weighs about 58 pounds, which is slightly lighter compared to others. However, it is very sturdy with strong positioning tabs and heavy-duty rails.

Prevue cages have straightforward rules to assemble and comes with no pinch points or gaps. Other dimensions include a height of 37 inches, a length of 23 inches width of 63 inches, and 16-inch wire spacing.

It has two large doors that enable easy access into the cage by swinging open. Each of them has an uncomplicated two-finger locking system that prevents your ferrets from escaping. Inside the cage, there is an inbuilt shelf, detachable tray, and grille fastened to a wind bell lock.

The cage is very stable, with a solid base made of rubber and metal casters. Also, it has substitute ramps and platforms that come separately. It is important to note that all Prevue cages go through intensive laboratory testing to abide to set pet safety measures.


  • Replaceable ramps and platforms
  • Lightweight
  • Two-finger door locking mechanism
  • Swinging doors for easy accessibility
  • Strong with heavy-duty rails and positioning tabs
  • Inbuilt shelf to store your pet’s toys
  • Attachable grille and tray
  • Castered base to move at ease


  • Plastic divider not safe for pets
  • The stripe metal on the floor may not absorb urine well.


4. PawHut 50″ – 4 Tier Ferret Pet Cage

Pawhut 50″ is an durable home to small bodied pets such as guinea pigs and rats. The four level cage offer more space for your ferrets. With several large doors, it is easier to clean and access.

The most amazing thing about this cage is the elevated height for your pet’s better view. It also has a tubular base with wheels which simplifies moving one place to another. A detachable litter pan comes in handy when cleaning up your cage.

Moreover, it has an appealing little hammock where your ferrets would love to snooze and play. The cage also consists of four rolling wheels to move around at ease. The entire cage dimension is a width of 20.5″, length of 31.5″ and a height of 50.5″.


  • Removable litter pan
  • Numerous inbuilt doors
  • Well thought 1″ bar spaces that prevent your ferrets from getting stuck
  • A tubular, powder-coated steel finish
  • Rolling wheels to move at ease.


  • Little hard to assemble


5. YAHEETECH 52″ – 6 Level Ferret Cage

This is a robust cage weighing 28.2 pounds and made of wires and metallic square tubes. The hammertone paint used gives it remarkable rust resistance and an admirable appeal. With four heavy-duty casters, it can carry even the heaviest of the ferrets.

It has an extra-large playing area measuring 17.2 x 25.2 x 52″ with a bar space allowance of 0.9″. Connected with the ramps are six tiers for the ferrets to play and rest comfortably

The secure three vaulted doors prevent the ferrets from slipping and helps when gaining access in the cage There is also a removable litter tray beneath the cage which you can detach and put back if need be. The tray has metal mesh separating the ferrets and preventing them from walking over their droppings.

Moreover, the cage, has four rolling casters that rotate in different directions for easy moving. Attached in the cage is a free food bowl and mounted water bottle as well.


  • Effective decay-resistant
  • Firm floors not made of wires
  • Safe Hammertone finish
  • 360 degrees rotatable casters
  • Easy to configure and accessorize
  • Curved ribbed ramps to prevent ferrets from sliding
  • Free food bowl and water container


  • Very thin ramps which can easily break
  • Doors are too small for humans
  • The platforms are not very firm
  • Minimal floor space


Choosing a Cage for Two Ferrets

The market is flooded with numerous types of ferret cages. Nonetheless, not all of them meet the purpose when it comes to safety and comfort to your pet. Here are the main things you need to verify before paying for one.

– Size and Space

The worst treatment you can give your ferrets is to lock them up in a small enclosure. On that note, go for the most comfortable and largest cage that you can find. Remember that ferrets get very agitated when in uncomfortable situations.

So, ensure that the cages give them the liberty to explore, cuddle and empower them to thrive. Suitable cage size for two ferrets should be around 24 x 24 x 18 inches (60 x 60 x 45 cm).

However, buy a smaller one to transport them from one place to another. Given that ferrets love their toys get one with ample storage space.

– Features and Accessories

We all know that ferrets love climbing and digging around. An ideal cage should have multiple levels with tunnels, toys, and ropes to keep them busy. To keep them clean and healthy, get a cage that separates the feeding area, sleeping space, and litter pan.

Whatever material you choose ensures that the mesh is not more than one inch to prevent them from getting stuck. For security purposes, keep off from wired floors. Instead, get a stable and flat surface for extra comfort and minimize injuries. Most importantly, buy a cage that fastens and locks correctly.

– Cleaning and Maintenance

If you cannot access your cage properly when cleaning, that’s a flop. The best choice is a full-width door cage where you can easily reach out to your pets. Additionally, buy one with casters for you to push around rather than lift.

Avoid cages with plastic coatings that may cause poisoning or intestinal blockage. Instead, buy a powder coated one as it is safer and durable.

The Last Shot

The most important thing you need to consider when buying a ferret cage is safety and firmness. Since ferrets are quite playful and energetic, you should settle for a spacious cage with a steady flow of fresh air.

Keep in mind that you can keep two or multiple ferrets in one cage. However, it would help if you settle for a robust cage with removable components for ease in cleaning and moving around.

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