What are the Best Treats for Your Pet Mouse?

Just like many other pets that you can keep at home, pet mice also get excited if you give them treats. However, keeping your pet in good health is also very important. You need to pick those treats carefully and make sure to give them something that is not too bad for them.

If you are not sure whether you should give that little snack to your mouse, then you can always do some research. You can either look it up online or contact your veterinarian for advice. Or, you can just stay here and read this article from start to finish.

We have included all the information you need about the best treats for pet mice, feeding schedule and treats to avoid.

Good Treats for Pet Mice

You can offer small pieces of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts or various commercial foods as treats. The freshness of these types of foods makes them enjoyable for your mouse to eat by itself. We would recommend you to give about a quarter of a teaspoon of any of these treats each time.

If the portion looks mouse-friendly, then it is probably okay to give it to your mouse. When it comes to fruits, there are many options to choose from such as pears, melons, berries, bananas, avocados and apples.

Healthy vegetables to feed them include broccoli, parsley, peas, carrots and celery. Certain nuts, seeds and grains that contain fat are also acceptable. The best ones to feed them are wild bird seeds and sunflower seeds but only occasionally.

The fact that these seeds contain plenty of fats is why you shouldn’t feed too much of them to your mouse. There are also commercial mouse treats available at the pet store that are labeled as such. The rule of thumb is to look for the ones that are made of healthy ingredients and with not too much sugar.

If it contains a lot of fatty nuts or corn, then it’s better not to buy it and look for a different one instead.

When Should You Offer Treats to Your Mice?

Mice always enjoy eating something different and delicious that is not included in their typical diet. They would eat any of the above-mentioned treats all day if they could. Fortunately, you can limit their intake as their owner and thus keep things exciting for them.

Offering treats to your mouse when you want to make him learn a trick is also highly effective. You can hardly find a better motivation for these rodents than food. This is especially true if you offer them something unusual yet delicious.

You just keep trying until your mouse does the trick and then reward him with a treat. Of course, it is still a bad idea to offer them treats more than three times a week. Giving your pet mouse a treat is also a way to show how much you care about him.

How Often Can Pet Mice Eat Treats?

Feeding your mouse treats is all about moderation. Offering a treat to your mouse is basically surprising him with something unusual that he doesn’t expect to get. It is something out of the line that is not included in the typical mouse diet.

A healthy way to go about it is to feed your mouse these treats only 2-3 times per week. Now that’s not a lot, yet your mouse is going to be so happy about it on those days that you can’t even imagine. Give your pet some time to eat the treat you offered him.

If there is still some leftover food in the cage after 5-10 minutes, then make sure to remove that. Offering fresh food is the key thing about treats so your mouse shouldn’t eat it later.

Treats and Food to Avoid

It is important to distinguish between junk food and treats that are at least semi-healthy. Moreover, there are plenty of foods that people consider as ideal mouse treats but are completely unhealthy. One of the common myths is that mice should be fed with cheese.

Although it works in certain cartoons you can watch on TV, it just doesn’t work in real life. Fatty foods such as chips, cookies, almonds and cheese should be avoided at all costs. These are simply unhealthy and will only make your pet sick on the long term.

Not to mention that there are foods that are straight-up dangerous such as chocolate, candy or raw meat. It is better to minimize snacks and unhealthy foods and strive to keep your pet on a healthy diet instead.

Can Mice Have Diarrhea from Treats?

There are certain snacks that can cause your mouse to have diarrhea and they should be avoided altogether. Usually, it is all about portions. A quarter of a spoon of a typical mouse treat most probably won’t cause any issues.

The problem comes when you overfeed your pet with treats and it causes a stomach ache. This can be caused by fruits, vegetables and snacks as well. When this happens, diarrhea is going to be one of the potential outcomes.

If you notice your mouse suffering from diarrhea, then make sure to limit the food you have fed him. Or, an even better option is to avoid feeding him that food altogether.


If you follow our advice about what treats to feed to your mouse, then there will be nothing to worry about. Just prepare any of the recommended treats in the right amount 2-3 times a week and your pet are going to thrive.

And no, cheese is not a good treat to offer them by all means. There are also other treats that should be avoided at all costs if you want your mouse to stay healthy. Offering treats is a great way to keep your pet excited and motivated to learn new things.

It is also a great way to establish a stronger bond between you and your pet. Introducing some variety into the diet is important no matter what kind of pet you keep at home.

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