Keeping Canary Birds in Apartment – Pros & Cons

Popularly known for their melodious singing, canaries are some of the most preferred pet birds. In addition, their cheerful temperament and minimal requirements make them an instant charmer to most people.

Although canaries require minimal space, it can be a challenge keeping them in apartments and condos because of their vocal nature.

However, this should not deter you from enjoying the companionship of your colorful little friend. Instead, add soundproofing options in your house and allow your little birds to sing their hearts out.

Luckily, canaries are pretty intelligent and can brighten your home with their beautiful singing and pleasant nature.

Still, you need to balance and learn how to keep your neighbors happy without losing your singing friends.  Here are some of the pros and cons of bringing up canaries when living in apartments.

Pros of Keeping Canary in Apartment

So, you want to keep canary birds in your apartment? Here are the advantages of having a canary bird as small apartment pet:

– Low Maintenance

Compared to other bird species, canaries are inexpensive and easy to keep. Other than that, they are flock creatures that thrive better when paired. Not only does pairing keep your birds happy, but it also ensures that they enjoy a better quality of life.

Given that canaries detest handling, they make excellent pet choices for individuals with minimal interaction time. Thanks to the petite body structure, you only need to feed them at least a single teaspoon of pellets or seeds.

Likewise, substitute their diet with about 20% vegetables and fruits. Despite all, canaries require constant compassion and love from their caregivers. Therefore, before investing in a canary, be ready to meet their basic needs in the most affectionate way possible.

– Don’t Require Much Space

Canary birds do not require tall cages like other species. Instead, an enclosure of about 24 inches in length and 20 inches wide serves them perfectly. This comes in handy to pet lovers who do not have sufficient space to place bigger cages.

Since canaries love flying, invest in a longer cage to ensure that they practice their natural tendencies. Even if some individuals clip their bird’s wings, remember that flying is a suitable form of exercise. Fortunately, canaries are hardy creatures and do not require unique warming in their cages.

Even so, keep them away from draught, windows, air conditioners, and direct sunlight. Moreover, offer a shallow container of water to ensure that your pets frequently soak and flit around.

– Have a Long Lifespan

When kept in optimal conditions, canaries can enjoy a long life of 15 to 25 years. Mainly, breeding shortens the life of female canaries to around six years. Yet, females who do not go through the tedious breeding process live as long as men.

Other than that, the canary’s long lifespan depends on a healthy diet, proper housing, and veterinary care. Bear in mind that canaries are excessively prone to inferior air quality. Thus, avoid lighting cigars or exposing them to perfumes and cooking vapors.

Also, they are liable to specific bacteria, fungi, and viruses infections. For this reason, contact a reliable veterinarian immediately you notice scaly legs, baldness, agitation, constipation, and diarrhea. Common ailments include bumblefoot, Chlamydia, candidiasis, mycoplasma, tuberculosis, Aspergillus, Polyoma, and Avian pox.

– Friendly & Trainable

Beyond any doubt, canaries are intelligent and friendly creatures. With the right approach and patience, a canary can learn to sing several songs, sit on a caregiver’s hand, fly loose, and others. Although baby canaries take less time to learn, an older one can learn a trick or two if you are persistent enough.

Due to their friendly character, canaries can live peacefully with similar species or with other petite birds. It might take a considerable time for a new canary pet to fit in and interact well with the owner.

If this happens, give your bird at least three days to adjust before attempting any form of bonding. The beauty of it all is that canaries are pretty friendly and come around real fast.

Cons of Keeping Canary in Apartment

Even though there are many pros of keeping canary birds in a small apartment, there are also some drawbacks that you should know about.

– Loud Singers

When selecting canary pets, it is worth noting that some species are louder than others. For instance, canaries like Waterslager and German roller make less noise and ideal for apartment dwellers. On the other hand, we have the Yorkshire and Spanish Timbrados, who can sing loudly for an entire night.

However, the canary’s noisy nature is not as loud as other birds like budgies and parrots. The apex of the matter is canaries sing so melodiously without causing harm to your eardrums. Yet, for the sake of your neighbor’s state of mind, settle for less temperamental and quiet species.

– Very Messy

While canaries are tidier compared to other species, they still make a huge mess. Given that canaries spend most of the time flying, they may throw seeds, bits of vegetables, and empty hulls all over the place. Furthermore, canaries pluck feathers frequently.

Besides, they produce a tremendous amount of droppings leading to an excessively filthy cage. Not to forget that during the water dipping process, they may end up splashing water in and out of the enclosure.

– Out of Cage Moment

A canary would do anything to get out of its cage. Depending on the weather, you can allow your birds to enjoy some supervised flight time. Indisputably, flying is a perfect way to keep your birds physically fit and relaxed. Nevertheless, this can be inconvenient to pet owners who do not have plenty of free time in their hands.

Even if time or weather does not allow, put them in an empty birdproof enclosure like your bathrooms. Ensure that windows and doors remain closed to prevent them from flying away. Most important, cover exposed mirrors to prevent your birds from getting hurt as they attempt to pass through them.

Wrap Up

For passionate canary lovers, their home would be incomplete without their usual chirps and singing.  On the flip side, you have to pay a constant price of blocking the noise, regular cleaning, and frequent out-of-cage moments for peaceful coexistence.

Thankfully, the slight trouble is nothing compared to a satisfying experience that beautiful canaries bring along.

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