Can Mice Chew Through Plastic?

Pet mice can be pretty adamant when it comes to chewing through things. They can chew through plastic containers, thin wood, paper boxes, cardboard and many other materials. However, this doesn’t matter if you buy a plastic container that is thick enough.

Moreover, the surface of the plastic is so smooth that your pet mouse is not going to be able to climb out either. There are plenty of plastic containers to choose from in pet shops. They are all designed so that mice can’t escape while they have a pretty cool home for themselves.

In this article, we are going to talk about various types of plastic and whether mice can chew through them.

Can Mice Chew Through Plastic Bins?

It is not just about whether the material is plastic or not. There are various types of plastic and they all differ in hardness. Plastic bins are usually made of hard plastic and it is either going to be hard or impossible for mice to chew through.

Therefore, both wired metal cages and plastic bins are great for keeping mice at home. They also can be quite spacey so you can add some toys and other accessories. The only downside of plastic bins is that you need to make sure they are ventilated.

Pet mice need plenty of fresh air, especially when their bedding is about to get dirty. Don’t be surprised, however, if you find some chew marks on the inner side of it. Your mice might still try to chew through but they are not going to be able to.

Can Pet Mice Chew Through Plastic Bottle?

Plastic bottles can be especially thin because the point is to minimize the raw material required to make them. For a pet mouse, it is really no big deal to chew through such plastic bottles. Since wood is much healthier than plastic, it is better to use wooden toys and accessories.

In theory, you could make tubes and other toys from plastic bottles for your mouse. Unfortunately, they are too thin and probably won’t last long so you should look for something else. Also, those plastic scraps can be swallowed by your pet and cause stomach aches and other digestive problems.

It is especially easy for mice to chew through plastic bottles if there is a hole on them.

Do Mice Eat Plastic?

Pet mice know exactly that plastic is not edible and they are just going to chew through it. All this chewing that they do is in their nature. Their teeth never stop growing and chewing helps them keep those in optimal length.

They always try to look for something to chew. Usually, if you don’t put any toys or accessories in the cage, they are going to chew the metal cage wires. If you keep them in a plastic bin, then they are going to chew a little bit of plastic.

Can Pet Mice Play with Plastic Toys?

There is a plethora of plastic toys available in the pet store, but are they safe for pet mice? Not really, as plastic can be toxic if swallowed and all those little scraps would be laying around in the cage. It would be a huge mess mixed with the bedding of your pet mouse.

Wood is natural and also much better for your mouse’s teeth. In pet stores, there are also plenty of wood toys to choose from. Although those might be more expensive, it is definitely worth choosing over the plastic ones.

The only plastic toys we would recommend you to buy are tubes. Make sure they are made of hard and durable plastic and your pet will not be able to chew them. Some of these tubes can be matched together, allowing you to create a fun little tunnel for your mouse.

You can even use them to connect two cages together. Pet mice absolutely love to go through tubes, climb ladders and swing on roped bridges. If you can find a high-quality plastic running wheel, you can buy that as well. Just make sure it is designed in a way so that your pet can’t hurt himself.

Wrapping Up

There are all kinds of plastic mice can chew through, and a lot of others that are much harder. It depends on the thickness of it as well as whether your pet mouse will succeed in chewing through. Either way, mice enjoy chewing things no matter which material they are made of.

Since you are the one who buys the toys, do your mouse a favor and buy wooden ones instead. Buying something natural instead of artificial plastic is almost always a better idea. If your mouse wants to chew something, he can smoothly chew through those wood splinters and keep his teeth healthy at the same time.

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