Why do Pacman Frogs Croak? All You Need to Know

Croaking sounds of frogs generally remind people of rainy forest nights. Some people, like Pacman frog owners, even like to transfer such sounds to the comfort of their own homes.

But why do Pacman frogs croak at all? In this article you can find out about this behavior of horned frogs.

First of all, it is absolutely normal for frogs to croak, both in their natural habitats and their terrariums. However, this is not a sound they frequently do without valid reasons.

That is why it is important for owners (and owners to be) to learn a bit about such habits. And consequentially, this will help them to understand how their pet frogs communicate. Or at least, to cover the basics.

When do Pacman Frogs Croak?

The main reason why they croak is calling out for mating.

Male Pacman frogs will call for mating during their mating season, which is in springtime. Additionally, nighttime is when Pacmans are most active, as they spend most of their daytime buried and relaxing.

That is why owners can hear their Pacmans croaking during the night, most of the time. Consequentially, keeping male Pacman frogs in your bedroom is not considered to be such a good idea.

Nevertheless, there are several other reasons why Pacman Frogs croak, besides calling out for mating. For instance, they croak when feeling scared or in danger.

That means that new owners can often hear their colorful pets croaking while they are misting their terrariums, but also when they are feeding them. This signalizes that frogs are still not feeling comfortable around their new owners.

Another reason which makes Pacmans croak is reacting to other loud noises. Hearing a dog barking in the neighborhood or watching its owners vacuuming around its enclosures can be a major reason for Pacmans to react.

Do Female Pacman Frogs Croak?

Female Pacman frogs do not croak. The reason for that is quite simple, actually: female Pacmans do not call out for mating.

On the other hand, that does not necessarily have to mean that females are quiet all the time. They too will make sounds when scared or unsatisfied, but such sounds will be different from croaking. For instance, ladies can scream, grunt, but also chirp.

Some people adopt lady Pacmans because they believe they will make a super quiet pet. But the reality is often quite different. Females are generally larger when compared to their male friends. Consequentially, they can make louder sounds, too.

In the long run, however, females do tend to make sounds less frequently.

How Loud do Pacman Frogs Croak?

Seeing those tiny creatures and realizing they are just a couple of inches large, makes owners often think that they simply cannot be that loud. On the opposite, Pacmans can croak pretty loud.

This is obviously much, much louder in their natural habitats. Frogs can often be found around the same areas of the jungle, so hearing them all croaking at the same time is quite magnificent, actually.

Nonetheless, owning a single frog can not be that loud. Not even close.

Croaking sounds emitted from a single Pacman are high-pitched, but not unbearable. Simply provide your pet a safe and calm environment, keep it out of your bedroom, make sure it has everything it needs, and you should have no trouble at all with sleeping calmly.

How to Stop Your Frogs from Croaking?

Luckily, there is no universal method or rule which owners can use to stop frogs from croaking. And there should not be one. Croaking is a natural reaction, same as it is for birds to chirp.

However, there are a few things that can be done in order to make frogs feel more comfortable and, consequentially, to croak less often.

To start, if you own more than one frog, try separating them into different rooms. Pacman frogs are generally quite solitary little creatures, and they feel safer when being alone.

Secondly, make sure your frogs have everything they need. Starting from fresh water and proper diet plans, moving forward to a clean terrarium, and finishing with the right temperature and humidity levels… these are all basic features that bring to a healthy and safe environment for your pet frog.

And last but not least, please do not hold your Pacman frogs, unless it is really necessary. This can not only make them feel uncomfortable but also to seriously damage their ultra-sensitive skin.

Wrapping Up

Croaking is a natural sound that all male Pacman frogs will eventually make.

If you manage to be a responsible frog owner and to provide a safe and peaceful environment to your pets, you will get so much in return.

To start, a relatively quiet frog pet. But not only. Your Pacman frogs will offer both you and the entire family hours of entertainment while watching them doing their own thing.

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