7 Pets for Small Apartments

Every American household contemplates having a pet in their home at some point. From cats, dogs to bird pets, Americans are genuinely pet lovers. However, living in small apartments or condos can deter people from keeping pets in their homes.

People living in small apartments have limited space to keep pets. Rules may sometimes restrict people from keeping pets in tiny living spaces, including apartments.

However, you don’t have to lose hope if you are a pet lover living in a small apartment. There are so many small pets that thrive well in small apartments. Most of these pets are overly low-maintenance pets. Let’s see some top seven pets that you can keep in your small apartment.

Aquarium Fish

Aquarium fish is increasingly becoming a favorite choice of pets, particularly among pet fish lovers. Even the tiniest apartment owner can comfortably keep Aquarium fish in their apartment. Anyone can have an Aquarium fish irrespective of their living space.

Besides the space requirements, the monetary requirements for setting up an aquarium for your favorite fish are minimal. You don’t have to install a massive aquarium in your apartments if you have limited space. Just invest in a mini aquarium to keep your fish pet.  This aquarium doesn’t take up much space.

The benefit of keeping aquarium fish as a pet is that most apartment rules don’t apply to fish pets. No one will even know you have aquarium fish unless they come into your apartment. Plus, aquarium fish have fewer maintenance needs, unlike other larger pets.


If you are a rodent pet lover, there is a reason to consider keeping a hamster in your apartment. This pet is a beautiful and low-maintenance pet. This pet will give you and your family plenty of love and fun. Hamsters are a fantastic choice of pets for tiny apartment dwellers striving to keep any pet other than a dog or cat.

Hamsters are lovely little pets. These rodents are very tiny and hence suitable for small apartment living. No matter how tiny your apartment is, you can still keep a bunch of hamsters in your apartment, provided you have a small cage.

Another huge advantage of keeping a hamster in your apartment is that care for this rodent is ultimately straightforward. You can keep your hamster in your apartment without breaking your bank. Hamsters are rewarding little pets, and they are also easily tamable.

Canary Bird

Keeping a canary bird in your small pet can be a great idea, mainly if you are a bird lover.  Due to their small size, canaries make lovely pets for tiny apartment dwellers.

The canaries also are low-maintenance bird pets. Feeding your canary bird is pretty easy since you need to provide your bird with pellets, seeds, and vegetable bits to keep it healthy. You need a small cage to keep your canary in your apartment.

Being solitary as there are, canaries don’t need plenty of movement, mainly when they are in captivity. Thus, your canary will be comfortable while living in your small apartment.

The canaries are intelligent, beautiful, and adorable bird pets. A canary bird will undoubtedly bring life to your tiny apartment, even if your apartment seems too congested. The cheerful melody of your canary bird will ultimately bring joy to your life.

Bearded Dragon

A bearded dragon is a beautiful pet lizard to keep in your apartment, especially if your apartment is tiny. Apart from their small size, bearded dragons make good pets for tiny apartment dwellers for several reasons.

First, bearded dragons adapt incredibly well to humans, thanks to their excellent temperaments and good-natured disposition. Bearded dragons are friendly and easy-going. They thrive well in captivity, unlike most lizard pets.

Bearded dragons make great loyal pets, notwithstanding their environment. Your bearded dragon can live for several years in your tiny apartment provided you are giving it proper care. Bearded dragons can live for more than a decade in captivity if kept properly.

If you opt for a pet that can live in your quiet apartment, you can’t go wrong with a bearded dragon. These reptiles don’t bark like dogs. They prefer to live peacefully with their owners. They also prefer to explore their environment in peace.

Bearded dragons have curious and friendly behavior. It isn’t a surprise to see your bearded dragon basking in your attention. Your bearded dragon will be loyal forever, provided you are handling it gently. Most importantly, you have to fix a small cage at the corner of your apartment, and your bearded dragon will comfortably live in the cage, whether you are present or absent.


The idea of keeping a gecko in your small apartment might sound ridiculous. However, geckos can make ideal pets for tiny apartment dwellers. They thrive incredibly well in small spaces. Geckos don’t make noise, unlike other larger pets such as canines and felines. It is also easy to take care of your gecko.

Geckos don’t need large enclosures, and therefore they can make good pets for tiny apartment dwellers. Geckos can be fantastic pets for apartment owners with little kids. These reptiles are docile and relatively easy to handle. They aren’t aggressive like some reptile pets, such as crocodiles and alligators.

Geckos are also low-maintenance pets. They also don’t consume plenty of food. These lizards eat once a day. Geckos also eat small amounts of food. Consider feeding your gecko pet with freshly chopped vegetables. You can also occasionally feed your gecko with mealworms and crickets to provide it with an adequate amount of proteins.

Munchkin Cat

You can keep cats in your small apartment if you are a devoted feline lover. Although not all cat breeds can thrive properly in smaller living spaces, a Munchkin cat can be pretty exceptional for every small apartment dweller.

First, Munchkin cats are relatively smaller in size compared to other feline breeds. That means your Munchkin cat can fit and live comfortably in your tiny apartment or condo. Munchkin cats have amiable personalities. Their friendly nature makes them suitable pets for apartments with kids. Although they need a great deal of attention from their pet parents, these cats can still make terrific companions for tiny apartment dwellers.

A Munchkin cat is quite intelligent, making this cat the ideal cat to train to perform plenty of awesome stuff. Munchkin cats are robust and agile. They don’t contract feline diseases, unlike most cat species.

Although these cats need regular trimming, their cost of maintenance is overly meager. You can also carry your Munchkin cat whenever you wish since the small size of this cat makes it highly portable.


Dog lovers like to keep dogs, although some apartment rules usually restrict them from keeping dogs in their apartments. However, a Chihuahua can make a great dog pet for every small apartment dweller.

Chihuahuas are not just cute. They also have an adorable personality that makes them interact well with their pet parents. The Chihuahua is overly an indoor dog that doesn’t need to go outdoors most of the time. The dog can get its exercise simply by walking and jumping around your tiny apartment.

The Chihuahua can adapt incredibly well to any indoor living, including apartment living. Chihuahuas are low-maintenance canines. Their short and smooth coat means less grooming. These dogs aren’t like their thick and long-coated counterparts that need plenty of regular brushing and grooming.

They hardly shed due to their short and smooth coat. The Chihuahua is affectionate with its owners and especially friendly to kids. The dog can also interact well with strangers and other pets, including fellow canines. The Chihuahua is exceptionally loyal and hence makes a worthwhile companion for every apartment dweller.

Wrap Up

You can own a pet even when living in a small apartment. There are so many pets that suit small apartments living beside these seven pets covered here. Just choose a small pet of your choice that can fit into your small apartment.

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