Is Wysong a Good Ferret Food?

By nature, ferrets are carnivorous and require a high fat and diet for their growth and enhanced immune system. Since they have tiny digestive tracts, you need to feed them with soft animal protein like lamb or chicken.

However, if you opt for commercial Ferret’s foods, buy from a reliable and trustworthy manufacturer. Also, insist on naturally preserved food with plenty of vitamin E and no artificial colors.

Wysong is dedicated pet food producer who specializes in making genetically approved food for your hairy friends. With so many counterfeit products in the market, Wysong superior ferret’s foods are a breath of fresh air.

Additionally, Better Business Bureau (BBB) awarded them A+ rating for their quality products since they opened shop in 1979.

From their wide range of pet products, we will expound on the two most preferred ferret meals.

Wysong Ferret Epigen 90

For decades, companies have manufactured dry, starchy food for pets. However, Wysong Epigen transformed the innovation journey by introducing starch free and rich protein animal food.

It is important to note that ferrets are genetically carnivores. Thus, when you feed them with meat-based meals, you give them a better chance to feel more at home with their natural characteristic.

Wysong Epigen is the first-ever made dry ferret food that closely resembles the food they feed in their natural habitat. The natural chicken aroma and flavor make it one of the favorite ferret foods.

It comes in dry pellets form and contains 62% protein content. Some nutrients in the food include antioxidants, vitamins, nutraceuticals, enzymes, and phytonutrients. Others include essential fatty acids and Omega 3, probiotics, minerals, and prebiotics.

Note that Wysong Epigen is made from approved FDA and USDA ingredients. Hence, it is suitable for ferrets of all ages. You can find them in 5,20, and 40 pounds bags.


Wysong Ferret Archetypal-2

This is one of the most famous and pleasant ferret foods from Wysong. It is a rich combination of whole ingredients packed with natural nutrients. Ferret Archetypal focuses more on wholesome fats and meat-based protein.

Compared to Ferret Epigen 90, Archetypal has lesser protein at 38%. Some of the main ingredients include chicken fat, potato protein, organic chicken, oats, groats, and chicken meal.

These ingredients are essential to a ferret by providing enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, nutraceuticals, and phytonutrients. It also high in omega 6 and 3, which helps to keep ferrets fur glossy and healthy.

In the manufacturing process, Wysong ensures that every ingredient used has an optimal nutrition benefit to the ferrets.

Additionally, they use a barrier bag that blocks light and oxygen to guarantee that the end product reaches the consumers fresh and rich in nutrients. Wysong Ferret Archetypal-2 is available in five pounds and is ideal for adult pets.


What to Feed your Ferret if out of Food?

When you run out of commercial ferret food, raw meat is an excellent alternative. Bear in mind that ferrets love any food high in protein. A typical day intake for a ferret should include 15 to 20% fat and 32 to 38% proteins. So, you can opt to give them kitten food, baby food, or dry ferret food with a lot of meat content.

Other favorite meats include minced beef, pigeons, chicken wings, lamb, rabbit, chicken, turkey necks, offal, soft raw animal bones, rats, and mice. While most pet owners may keep off raw meat, it is one of the most nutritious meals to feed ferrets. Besides, it replicates their natural eating habit as well.

Keep in mind that some rodent’s meat may contain parasites and diseases. To ensure that you get the safest and healthy meat, buy from reputable sellers. It is normal for ferrets to hide food and munch on them later.

Yet, that can pose a significant risk to your pet when the meat decomposes. Therefore, keep on checking on the possible hiding corners and get rid of them.

Can I feed Dog Food to my Ferret?

If you are a multiple pet owner, you may notice your ferret snitch on the dog’s food. You may not worry much about it, but the habit has long term adverse effects.

Given that ferrets require an utterly carnivorous diet, dog food may not satisfy the nutritional needs of your fur friend. For instance, ferrets lack the enzyme to break down vegetables and cereals. So, if regularly fed on these types of food, they may get bloated or get sick to death.

On the other hand, the ferret’s digestive tract’s length may deter them from eating dog food. That explains why your little friend is always eating and filling the litter box.

The science behind all these is that there is minimal space in the stomach to keep plenty of food. So, whatever they consume must come out within a limited time.

On that note, ferret’s intestines only manage to extract the nutrients from meat effectively and not from other foods. For that reason, food that contains starches, fibers, carbohydrates, and sugars may expose your Ferret to profound health implications.

Food to Avoid Feeding Your Ferret

As much as your Ferret may enjoy nibbling on a piece of chocolate or grapes, it is not safe for their health. With the shorter and weaker digestive system, you need to feed them on a meal-based diet to absorb nutrients.

Some of the foods to avoid include dairy products, bread, garlic, onions, sugar, smoked meat, mushrooms, etc.

Bottom Line

Feeding your ferrets with the most nutritious meals is the best gift you can give them. Wysong products ensure that your fuzzy pet receives the ideal nutrients intake through their wide range of pet food. More to the point, they focus on delaying decay through a natural preservative known as oxherphol.

Through a very rapid packaging and shipping process, Wysong ensures that little light and oxygen get into contact with your pet’s food and prevent further degradation. To keep your Wysong food fresh, always store it in a dark, cool place or a freezer.

Featured Image – Wysong Ferret Epigen 90

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