How Much Does a Canary Bird Cost?

Canary birds undoubtedly make lovely pets. These cute birds are among the easiest pet birds to keep. The pretty nimble singers can survive in any environment. Thanks to their carefree attitude.

Pet bird lovers consider keeping a canary bird at some point. Of course, for good reasons. If you want to own one, you could most probably be thinking of visiting a pet store to buy one. Or, you could be searching for a reputable pet bird breeder to purchase a healthy canary bird from them.

Well, before you head to the store to buy a canary bird, know how much it would cost you to buy one. Here, we shall explore the price of a canary bird to help you budget for your pet bird in advance.

Canary Bird Price

The price of canary birds isn’t specific. These attractive pet birds can vary in price based on the species and breeder you are buying your cute-feathered friend from. Moreover, the availability of canary birds also determines their price.

Usually, these birds cost more in areas where they aren’t readily available. The price also includes other expenses that you may incur while buying your pet bird. The price of canary birds can be anything from $25 to $100 on average, depending on the type of canary.

Canary Cage Price

Beyond the price of the canary bird itself, you should also budget for the cost of the canary cage. After all, a cage is the canary bird’s primary environment. Any domesticated bird, including a canary bird, needs a quality cage to flap its wings freely.

A good cage needs to be wide enough to keep your bird from flying away. Canary cages vary depending on their sizes. A well-constructed canary cage should sell anywhere between $50 to $100 dollars.

Canary Bird Supplies

Canary birds need plenty of supplies to thrive, just like other pet birds. Below are some essential canary supplies you need at your disposal.

– Nest

Canary birds need a nest for various reasons. For instance, these birds need a nest for breeding, resting, and their privacy. Although canary birds thrive well in cages, they need nests to relax, particularly when they want to get those intermittent naps.

These birds also need nests to shelter them when their cages become untidy. Female canary birds need nests to lay their eggs. You can purchase a hand-woven nest from a pet store for your bird. Ensure the nest is comfortable enough for your bird.

– Dishes

Like other pet birds, canary birds don’t forage for food when they are in captivity. Therefore, you will have to feed your bird once you bring them home.

Consequently, you have to purchase some feeding dishes that you will be used to provide your bird.

– Toys

Your canary bird should be like any pet that needs quality playtime. The surest way to give your feathered-pet sufficient playtime is by buying them toys. Toys help entertain and engage your bird throughout.

You can purchase a wide range of toys to keep your bird happy and mentally engaged. Here are some of the toys you can buy to give your bird ample playtime to avoid boredom.

  • Swings– All canary birds enjoy swings. You can purchase swings from a pet store for your new bird. Alternatively, you can create one from ropes and rough wood. Just tie the ropes with wood to ensure the swing perfectly suits your bird’s weight.
  • Bells– Canary birds enjoy exploring bells with their beaks. Also, they take pleasure in bell sounds. However, the perfect bells should be solid-bodied. Furthermore, the bells should have a single opening other than the conventional jingle-bells. Your bird can accidentally hang on the conventional bells, thus sustaining injuries.
  • Lattice balls-Lattice balls help provide sufficient play to your bird. You can either buy plastic lattice balls from the nearest pet shop. Or, you can make your lattice balls from wood. Put some food in the balls to entice your birds.

Canary Bird Food Cost

Small pet birds like canaries don’t consume plenty of food. Thus, these birds’ food cost is relatively low, unlike the cost of food for large pet birds.

The average price of a 4 lb bag of canary bird food is $15-25, depending on the food type and brand you are purchasing.

What Do Canary Birds Eat?

Typically, the diet of canary birds consists of seeds. Their diet can also contain various vegetables and fruits such as peas, pumpkin, spinach, cabbage, peas, and cherries.

You can purchase several seed mixes from the pet store. Most of these seed mixes contain 2 to five types of seeds. Seed mixes are rich in millet. Canary birds love millet just like other wild and pet birds.

Some bird pet parents opt to feed their canary birds with a formulated diet. Such a diet typically consists of pellets.

Pellets help supplement your bird’s diet and meet their nutritional needs. Other bird parents feed their birds with supplements, particularly when the birds have a nutritional deficiency.

Medication and vet Costs For Canary Birds

Canary birds are susceptible to diseases just like other pet birds. Most illnesses that affect these birds result from fungal, bacterial, and viral infections. Your bird is likely to contract an illness at some point. Regular vet checkups are the first line of defense against any possible diseases that may attack your bird.

Pet bird visits usually cost 30$ to $100 monthly. Any unforeseen illness can cost more. Moreover, the medication cost may vary depending on the disease that your bird is suffering from. If your bird is suffering from a severe illness such as flu, medication will be more costly.

On average, medication costs can range from $ 20 to $100 dollars. Luckily, medication and vet costs can be lower if your bird has insurance coverage.


Canary birds make great bird pets for any bird pet parent. Give your canary bird the best possible care after bringing them home.

Excellent care will make them thrive awesomely and become the wonderful pet you will cherish.

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