Pacman Frog Size & Weight Chart – How Big do They Grow?

If you have decided of getting yourself a new Pacman frog, you have probably noticed there are several different kinds of these funny creatures available.

First of all, you should know there are eight species, each a bit different from the others. To ease things up, here is a complete Pacman frog size & weight chart. And how big do they grow?

Horned Frogs (Ceratophrys) Size & Weight Chart

Name Size Weight
Argentine Horned Frog 4,5 – 6,5 in 11,2 – 17 oz
Cranwell’s Horned Frog 3,1 – 5,1 in up to 17,7 oz
Surinam Horned Frog 4 to 6 in up to 16 oz
Brazilian Horned Frog 5 – 10 in unknown
Pacific Horned Frog 2 – 2,5 in up to 6 oz
Caatinga Horned Frog about 4 in unknown
Venezuelan Horned Frog 2 – 3 in unknown
Ecuadorian Horned Frog unknown unknown

Even if there are several species of Pacman frogs around the world, it is not easy or simple to find each of them. Some species are, actually, quite rare and have been seen in their natural habitats just a few times in many years.

The most common Pacmans that can be found (and can be bought) are usually the Cranwell’s Horned frog, the Argentine Horned frog, the Surinam Horned frog, as well as the Brazilian Horned frog.

How Much Space do Pacman Frogs Need?

Nonetheless, on the type of Pacman frog you decide to adopt, your pet will have a mostly calm and inactive life. Pacmans like spending their days buried in the jungle floors, with their mouths being ready all the time to catch any prey that could pass by it.

Such lifestyle surely makes it easier for their owners to find the best enclosure, as they do not require much space at all.

As a rule, each adult Pacman frog needs one square foot for a happy life. That does not mean that, with buying an enclosure of the double size, owners can adopt two frogs. Never ever place two frogs in the same terrarium.

Pacman frogs may seem so cute and funny, but they will often eat their smaller life partners. So, please always place one frog per terrarium. If you get two, it is a good idea to keep them in separate rooms, whenever possible.

This will ensure they do not bother each other, and it will make them calmer, as well as quieter.

A 20-gallon tank should do simply fine for any kind of Pacman species you decide to provide home to.

Additionally, such tank does not necessarily have to be that elaborate, but a simple terrarium will be enough.  The only thing you should be careful about is that it has an easy opening system, so that you can quickly and simply access it when feeding your frog.

Wire inlets for heaters are also a good feature to look for when buying a terrarium. This will save you a lot of time at a later point. And, of course, make sure it has the possibility of placing light bulbs on the top.

To wrap up, glass or plastic screens are the most desirable for housing frogs.

Such materials are simple to clean and maintain, they will keep the right level of temperature on the inside and will be the simplest surface for misting activities. On top of that, they are ideal for frog watching.

How Fast do Pacman Frogs Grow?

These colorful little creatures can grow quite fast, actually.

The exact timeline will obviously vary from species to species, but also from individual to individual.

There are so many factors that can play an important role in the growth of your Pacman pet- and they go from the type of diet you are feeding it with, but also on how often it eats, how active does it get during night, and many other.

When do Pacman Frogs Reach Full Size?

Once again, the answer depends on a lot of factors.

However, it is widely agreed that every healthy Pacman frog should reach its full size by the end of the first year of life. Some Pacmans manage to reach their adult size in less than six months, too.

Depending on the species and gender you decide to adopt, you can generally expect your new pet friend to get to a size of 3.5 to 7.5 inches in adulthood.

And, more importantly, Pacmans are one of those frog types that are known to live quite a long life. If your pet is healthy and happy, it may have a lifespan from five to up to fifteen years. Quite amazing, right?

Female or Male Pacmans: Who Grows Bigger?

As for most frog types, it is common for female Pacmans to exceed male in size. Considerably.

Female frogs also seem to be quieter (one of the reasons is, obviously, not calling their partners for mating). Also, adult male frogs will mostly have darker color chests when compared to their lady partners.

However, it is almost an impossible mission to tell the gender until they reach at least seven months of age.

Which is The Smallest Pacman Frog?

Pacific Horned frogs are known to be the smallest species of Pacman frogs.

They only reach a length of 2,5 inches and they can weight a maximum of six ounces. However, if one would think that a smaller tank would be enough for the Pacific Horned frog, that would be completely wrong. Indeed, this type of Pacman is also the most active one.

Wrapping Up

Owning a Pacman frog is pure fun and is one of the best choices for beginner pet owners.

However, there are several things one should research and know before getting one (or more). For instance, there are several species available, and our size chart brings them all at one place, along with their lengths and weights.

Knowing what species is ideal for you, will also help you choosing the appropriate terrarium or enclosure for your pet. And, consequentially, provide a safer and happier home to it.

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