Crested Geckos for Sale – 10 Stores to Buy with Confidence

When buying a crested gecko, we’re all looking for serious and responsible sellers with a good track record. That’s non-negotiable. But what else makes a good online store? It depends on what you’re looking for. Some want a huge variety of crested gecko morphs, while others are happy with a cheap but healthy gecko.

crested geckos for sale

Some want next-day delivery services. Others are happy to wait but prefer a pet health guarantee. Whatever it is that you want, you’ll find at least one website below to satisfy your criteria. In no particular order, here are the best ten online stores for buying cresties:

1. TikisGeckos

TikisGeckos specializes in geckos but also sells other lizards, amphibians, turtles, tortoises, snakes, fish, and spiders. They offer seven gecko species, amounting to a dizzying number of morphs. Their crestie selection alone contains dozens of colorful geckos.

Are you looking for a Red Extreme Harlequin crestie? Perhaps a high-expression Extreme Harlequin Pinstripe Lily White gecko? Maybe you just want a healthy regular crested gecko or any other morph like dalmatian or whitewall. Whatever you’re looking for, TikisGeckos got it!


There’s a huge range of prices here. TikisGeckos offers both high-end and regular geckos, as well as common and rare morphs. The price will vary a lot depending on what gecko you choose.

Frogbutt baby geckos are the cheapest. They cost $44.99 and come in regular morphs like patternless, flame, or harlequin. Normal harlequin, flame, and patternless baby geckos cost $54.99. Premium baby cresties cost $94.99.

Their most expensive high-end adult geckos (such as the Extreme Harlequin Lily White) are over $1,500 and up to $2,500. TikisGeckos offers different payment plans for geckos over $100. However, you must cover 25% of the upfront cost and pay the entire price within 30 days.


TikisGeckos leads the pack when it comes to quality service. They’ll contact you to schedule your shipment within 24 hours of placing your order. Besides that, they offer a 100% live arrival guarantee and a 7-day health guarantee.

All their orders are shipped through UPS or FedEx with Overnight Priority to reach you as soon as possible, usually by 10:30 AM. TikisGeckos currently ships throughout the US and internationally. Buyers from remote areas might experience shipment delays.

Location & Contact

TikisGeckos’ HQ isn’t open to the public. All purchases are delivered to the clients. However, you can contact them via e-mail at or at (754) 317-4638. Customer service is available Monday to Friday.

2. Josh’s Frogs

Josh’s Frogs has a wide selection of reptiles and amphibians, along with everything else you need to accommodate an exotic pet. They’ve got live animals, pellet food, plants, enclosure décor, heaters, light fixtures, sanitation products, substrates, and everything in between!

It’s the perfect one-stop-shop if you’re just getting started caring for geckos. Everything they sell is neatly organized into easy-to-access categories for quick browsing. Their crestie category encompasses multiple types of dalmatian, pinstripe, harlequin, flame, tiger, brindle, and patternless crested geckos.


All cresties sold by Josh’s Frogs fall within the $95-$115 range. The cheapest crested geckos they sell are the common Harlequin Dalmatian, Flame Dalmatian, and Yellow Brindle, all costing $94.99.

For $99.99, you can buy one of the rarer fourteen morphs they sell. These include the Dark Flame, Brindle Tiger, Harlequin Dalmatian, or Dashed Pinstripe Harlequin, among others. Their most expensive cresties are the Brindle Harlequin Dalmatian, Tiger, and Partial Pinstripe Tiger morphs, each costing $114.99.


Josh’s Frogs offers live arrival and 7-day health guarantees year-round, even during winter! They run a very strict shipment protocol for live animals and measure the origin and destination temperature before delivering each package.

For geckos, they ship only if the overnight low temperature in your area is above 39°F and the daily temperature is below 91°F on the day of arrival. Josh’s Frogs uses FedEx Priority Overnight shipments to ensure your gecko arrives as quickly and safely as possible. They don’t ship to Hawaii or outside the US.

The orders are shipped from Tuesday to Friday. The packages reach their destination by noon in most locations. The shipping cost for any number of geckos is $39.99. You can have the order shipped directly to your doorstep or lift it yourself from the nearest FedEx location.

Location & Contact

Josh’s Frogs HQ is at 312 S Elm Street, Owosso, MI 48867, USA. Their location isn’t open to the general public. But if you live in the area, you can schedule an order pickup from Tuesday to Friday. You can also contact them at or by calling 800-691-8178. Customer service is available Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 6 PM.

3. Pangea Reptile

Every gecko owner has heard of Pangea. It’s one of the highest-quality and most widely-appreciated brands among lizard enthusiasts. They offer some of the best products for gecko care, including live insects, supplements, MRPs, enclosures, equipment, bedding, décor, and other supplies.

And, of course, you’ll also find Pangea’s crested geckos on their page. They sell high-end male, female, and unsexed juvenile cresties in dozens of morphs. We’re not just talking about flame or patternless geckos here. They also have rare morphs, such as Lily White and Axanthic geckos.


Pangea offers high-end breeder-quality geckos and very rare extreme morphs. As you can expect, their prices also run very high. Their cheapest cresties cost $199.99. These unsexed juveniles include Pinstripe, Dalmatian, Flame, Tiger, Red Dalmatian, Tiger Flame, and Harlequin morphs.

The cheapest adult male gecko is the $249.99 Orange Tiger morph. The cheapest female crestie is the $599.99 Extreme Harlequin. But it gets so much more expensive. Hold onto your seat for this one. The most expensive gecko they sell costs $10,999.99. That’s a female crestie and one of Pangea’s special Cold Fusion morphs.


Pangea takes its geckos very seriously. Not only do they offer a live arrival guarantee, but also a 30-day health guarantee! No wonder their geckos can be so pricey! Shipping for live animals within the US costs $49.95 and is done via FedEx Next Day.

Shipments for next-day deliveries are sent out from Monday to Wednesday. Note that shipping delays might occur due to weather constraints. Pangea doesn’t ship live animals if overnight temperatures fall out of the 32-80°F range.

You must also complete their shipping form to schedule a delivery after placing your order. Their orders don’t ship automatically. Pangea ships to all the lower 48 US states and internationally! However, you must contact them first to arrange gecko exports.

Location & Contact

Pangea’s HQ is not open to the public. However, you can always contact them for any inquiries. You’ll need an e-mail address to complete their contact form and receive their answer.

4. Underground Reptiles

Underground Reptiles is pretty unique. They offer a huge variety of crested and other New Caledonia geckos. They also sell animal feed, supplies, and all sorts of other exotic pets, including amphibians, other lizards, snakes, turtles, tortoises, tarantulas, scorpions, armadillos… I could go on for hours!

But no, that’s not even the crazy part. They have paid memberships with exclusive perks and run auctions and flash sales for reptiles and other pets. Also, members get 5% off on all non-auction products. Pretty cool website if you plan to get invested as a reptile hobbyist.


Underground Reptiles has a bunch of geckos for all price ranges. The prices run from $39.99-$4,999.99. Unfortunately, their cresties are bunched together with other New Caledonia geckos, and you can’t filter your search by species, morph, or the animal’s age. You’ll have to do some digging through their listings.

Here are some of the crested geckos I found for varying prices:

  • $39.99-$59.99: Frogbutt juveniles (morph not specified), plain juvenile Dalmatian, Flame, Harlequin, Tiger, Partial Pinstripe, and Flame Dalmatian geckos.
  • $64.99-$99.99: Adult crested gecko (morph not specified), premium juveniles, juvenile Partial Pinstripe frogbutts, premium adult geckos (morph not specified), Dark Base Reverse Pinstripe, Orange Flame, and Crimson juveniles.
  • $100-$150: Largest category with endless morphs. Phantom, Extreme Harlequins, Whitewall, Full Pinstripe, Brindle, Cream, and Quadstripe juveniles, plus any combination thereof.
  • Over $150 and up to $300: This category includes morphs with multiple unique traits. You’ll find morphs like the Cream on Dark Pinstripe Whitewall, Tiger Brindle Reverse Pinstripe, Cream Extreme Porthole Pinstripe, or Dark Base Super Stripe. Most are juveniles.
  • $4,999.99: The most expensive crested gecko on the site— the Ember crested gecko, a Correlophus ciliatus and sarasinorum hybrid. It’s currently out of stock and the only crestie specimen in this price range.


Underground Reptiles offers next-day shipment throughout the 48 adjoining US states. They ship Monday to Friday through UPS Next Day Air. You can choose to have your order delivered to your doorstep or lift it from a local facility.

They guarantee live arrival for overnight temperatures between 36-89°F on home deliveries and 25-99°F on facility deliveries. Shipping prices might vary depending on your location.

Location & Contact

This is a family business operating out of South Florida. Their facility isn’t open to the public, but customer service is available Monday through Friday between 9:30 AM and 6 PM. You can reach them at 954-428-8005 or via e-mail at

5. Blackpool Reptiles

Blackpool Reptiles is a gem of a website for those living in the UK. They sell various species of geckos, chameleons, other lizards, amphibians, snakes, and invertebrates. You’ll also find everything else required to set up a crestie enclosure and care for your gecko.

Blackpool Reptiles sells care guides and books, live, frozen, and powdered foods, enclosures, equipment, décor, and anything else you could possibly need. Not only that, but they have a price match guarantee! They maintain highly competitive prices to make their live animals and products accessible to as many clients as possible.


This store currently offers 11 varieties of geckos, and you can filter your search by age, sex, and price. The prices range from £25 to £275, so all buyers have affordable options. The cheapest gecko they carry is the £25 juvenile classic crested gecko frogbutt.

For up to £60, you could also buy Harlequin and Tricolor frogbutts, Brindle, Flame, and classic crested geckos. Rarer morphs include the Pinstripe Harlequin and Lily White cresties, each selling for £150 and £275, respectively.


Blackpool Reptiles currently delivers live animals throughout the UK, except for Northern Ireland. They use their own licensed reptile courier for prompt and safe deliveries. This allows them to offer a 48-hour live arrival guarantee.

They also run all their live animals through a quarantine period to inspect their health before delivery. Thus, the period between the order registration and delivery can vary. The shipping fee also differs depending on your location. You can find out more about shipping charges by completing their courier inquiry form.

Location & Contact

Their HQ is at 243-247 Lytham Road, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 6ES. The store is open from 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM Monday through Saturday and 10:30 AM to 4:30 PM on Sundays. You can also reach them on their Facebook page, via e-mail (, or at 01253 863 700.


Although has a very generic name, they currently only offer geckos. Besides crestie, you’ll also find leopard, gargoyle, African fat-tailed, and Chinese and Japanese cave geckos. All their geckos come in various color morphs, from common to rare and everything in-between!

Their main crestie morphs include patternless, flame, pinstripe, dalmatian, super dalmatian, and extreme harlequin. What’s cool about their shop is that they have a free in-depth info sheet about each gecko they sell.


Their crested geckos can be organized in two price ranges— by morph and age. Each morph they sell has a price range underneath the listing. So, for example, the cheapest crested gecko costs $199-$599, while the most expensive one is $399-$999.

On the lowest end of the range, you have hatchling geckos. Juveniles are in the middle, and adults sell for the maximum price. So, the cheapest geckos you can buy are bicolor and dalmatian hatchlings, selling for $199.

For $249, you can buy an Extreme Harlequin, regular Tiger, Tiger Pinstripe, Creamsicle, or Chocolate Harlequin hatchling. The most expensive hatchling gecko they sell is a $399 Super Dalmatian. For all morphs, adult geckos are almost three times the price of hatchlings.

Shipping offers live arrival and 7-day health guarantees for all their live animal deliveries. You get a 30-day health guarantee if you also buy a full habitat kit, although those aren’t currently available on the site.

The standard shipping charge is $49.95 for orders of 5 reptiles or less. All shipments are made via FedEx Overnight. You’ll get the package the following day before noon. Note that shipping fees and times might vary depending on your location within the US.

Location & Contact doesn’t currently list a location, e-mail address, or contact form. However, you can call them at 609-408-8783 for more details.

7. CBReptile

CBReptile‘s name is short for captive-bred reptiles. These reptile breeders work in close collaboration with certified biologists to provide healthy animals with diverse, designer-quality color morphs.

They offer nearly a dozen gecko species, including cresties. They also have chameleons, iguanas, skinks, snakes, bearded dragons, turtles, tortoises, frogs, axolotls, and more! You’ll also find care sheets, food, habitats, and other supplies to complete your gecko setup if you’re just starting as a reptile keeper.


The prices for crested geckos range between $199.95 and $799. Besides the color morphs, the price is also influenced by age and sex. Hatchlings are the least expensive, while adult geckos cost the most. You can choose between unsexed, male, and female geckos when placing an order. There’s an additional $12 charge for sexing your gecko before delivery.

The cheapest cresties are Extreme Harlequin and Pinstripe hatchlings, $199.95 each. The average price for the store is roughly $300 for Orange Pinstripe, Orange Tiger Flame, Tiger Pinstripe, and Halloween juveniles. On the higher end of the price range, $400-$900, you have Tricolor and Super Dalmatian cresties.


CB Reptile offers next-day arrival shipping throughout the US via UPS or FedEx. Delivery fees depend on your location and order size. All their live animals are delivered in well-insulated packages to guarantee a live arrival year-round. Note the store will delay shipping due to weather constraints if necessary.

The orders will arrive at your chosen delivery location by noon. You can also track your order via e-mail and SMS notifications if you select this option during checkout. You’ll receive a 7-day health guarantee, provided you review the care sheet included in the delivery.

Location & Contact

For any inquiries, you can contact CB Reptile via their contact form or e-mail at They also receive phone calls and texts at 609-705-7787. Customer service is available between 10 AM and 6 PM.

8. Backwater Reptiles

Backwater Reptiles is a small-scale reptile breeding facility located in Idaho. It was started by hobbyists, for hobbyists. All their animals are captive-bred and come with a health guarantee.

They’re also a contributing member of USARK and the International Reptile Conservation Foundation. Every time you order from their store, a donation goes out to support reforestation projects in Madagascar.

This store sells a variety of reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates, and live feeders, all at a very affordable price. As for the geckos, they breed almost three dozen different species. So, besides crested geckos, you can also find leopard geckos, day geckos, leaf-tailed geckos, and anything in-between.


Backwater Reptiles aims to provide healthy exotic pets at competitive prices. Their cheapest gecko is $79.99, while the priciest one is $189.99. Unfortunately, there are only a few morphs to choose from. Here’s the entire list of cresties and prices on their page:

  • Juvenile gecko (morph unspecified): $79.99
  • Harlequin juvenile gecko: $89.99
  • Flame juvenile gecko: $89.99
  • Dalmatian juvenile gecko: $79.99
  • Pinstripe juvenile gecko: $79.99
  • Sub-adult gecko (assorted morph): $109.99
  • Super Dalmatian juvenile gecko: $189.99

You can choose to have your gecko sexed with no additional charges. That’s about it. Not a lot of options, but they’re all fairly priced and high-quality. There are no frogbutts or geckos with missing toes and whatnot.


Backwater Reptiles offers priority overnight deliveries via either UPS or FedEx. They only ship in the US (except for Hawaii) and charge a flat delivery fee of $44.99. It doesn’t matter where you order or how many cresties you buy. Whether you want one crestie delivered in CA, or ten geckos in FL, the delivery cost stays the same.

They offer a 100% live arrival guarantee and respect a strict shipping schedule. They only send orders out Tuesday to Friday morning. If you order on a Friday evening, your geckos will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday at the earliest. You can opt to have the package delivered to your doorstep or at a local FedEx or UPS facility.

Location & Contact

Backwater Reptiles doesn’t have public storefronts and doesn’t schedule customer pickups at their facility. If you have any inquiries, you can contact them via e-mail at or call them at 916-740-9758. Customer service is available Monday to Friday between 10 AM and 3 PM. You can also find their FAQs and contact form here.

9. MorphMarket

MorphMarket is an online marketplace that connects reptile breeders and buyers across the world. It’s the largest online space of its kind and offers exceptional educational resources and management tools for sellers and buyers.

If you’re worried about buying from a private seller, know that MorphMarket is a Platinum Member of USARK. They require all the platform users to agree to important ethical and safety standards when keeping and selling reptiles. It’s a good place to shop if you want a rare morph from a specialized breeder that you might not find anywhere else.


You can search crested gecko offers by trait and location. The prices will vary a lot depending on these factors. There are over 50 categories of traits, some with over 100 offers. The cheapest crestie I could find is a juvenile Harlequin, selling for $40. Regular Flame, Harlequin, and frogbutt crested geckos are cheap, selling for $40-$100.

You can also find rare and expensive morphs like Axanthic and Lily White. After a bit of digging, I found a crestie selling for a whopping $19,500! It’s a very unique Tuxedo Lily White Cappuccino morph. Since this is a marketplace, offers come and go constantly. You never know what unique-looking gecko you’ll find.


MorphMarket doesn’t handle the shipping of reptiles. They just offer a platform for private sellers and buyers to arrange transactions. So, you must discuss shipping charges and options directly with the seller.

All listings have payment options and shipping costs mentioned. There’s also an “Inquire to Buy” button that lets you send a message to the seller if you have any questions. However, you’ll need to make an account to use this function.

Location & Contact

MorphMarket doesn’t participate in the selling of reptiles directly. Order details are to be discussed with the private seller. However, if you encounter issues, you can check out their support page to view the FAQ section. There’s also a contact button at the top right of the support page. You can use it to discuss directly with MorphMarket’s customer support team.

10. Petco

Last but not least, we have Petco. No introduction needed. This is one of the largest pet retailers in the US. There are over 1,400 Petco stores throughout the country at the moment I’m writing this article. They’re in 52 states and territories and over 1,000 cities. Chances are, you can find multiple Petco’s in your area.

Most Petco stores sell crested geckos. However, the selection varies by area. If you’re among the lucky ones living in California, Texas, New York, or Florida, you should check out multiple store locations to find the best offer.


Prices vary depending on the location and age of the gecko. But most Petco’s sell cresties at affordable prices. A baby crested gecko is around $50-$55. Adults aren’t much more expensive, either. If you’re lucky, you might even catch a sale! They often have cresties 25% off from what I’ve seen.


You can only buy habitats, food, and décor online. There’s no shipping for live animals. For geckos, you’ll have to go to the store directly. I guess that technically makes Petco not an online store for this list.

But it’s still very convenient because it’s so widely available. Besides, you can see and inspect the gecko in the store when buying, and you don’t have to worry about shipping delays.

Location & Contact

You can use Petco’s online directory to find the nearest store in your area. If you have any questions, you can also call toll-free at 877-738-6742. Customer service is available seven days a week between 5 AM and 9 PM. There’s also a “Contact Us” button in the bottom right corner of the page if you want to reach them via e-mail.


It’s easier than ever to find the pet gecko of your dreams, thanks to large and small-scale businesses joining the online space. If you’re looking for affordable cresties, I highly recommend stores like Backwater Reptiles and TikisGeckos. Petco is also a good alternative if you want to inspect the gecko before buying.

For top-quality designer morphs, check out Pangea Reptile; you won’t be disappointed. If you live in the UK or outside the US, Blackpool Reptiles and MorphMarket provide an excellent alternative to the US-based stores in this article.

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